I am a shopaholic -something that I deny of course- even though a little bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody! Yes – I’m the lady who will purchase things online and pray that I get home to accept the delivery before my husband intercepts it! Yes – I’m also the lady who will then proceed to hide the items and on wearing them – I will profess that I bought it ages ago with a straight face! What a nightmare my love for clothes has become! It’s not good I tell you – Lord please forgive me?

This blog is dedicated to sharing my personal style, outfit ideas, DIY’s, helpful hints and fun! I love to hunt for bargains, cook and decorate. I personally think it doesn’t take a lot of money or designer labels to be well dressed- one can achieve a chic look for less. I also sell clothes online (www.originalmangu.com) and I was motivated to do this, in order to offer women affordable and trendy looks – clothes that will NOT make us look frumpy! Yes we are curvy- but we shall look good! I aim to use this platform to pass on my knowledge about what I have learnt. I pray you find it useful!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless