Belt Obsession!!

Belt Obsession!!

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Belt Obsession!!

I’m excited to be writing my first post on the blog. If you follow me on social media you must know that I LOVE BELTS! I own over 50 belts …. I know… its an illness! I have been acquiring these belts over the past 10 years- so in essence I have purchased roughly 5 belts per year…. doesn’t sound bad when you put it like that! Right?…. well I think I have logically  justified  having so many belts……. well done me! (wink wink). Thing is being a curvy girl, I am very conscious of not wearing anything that will exaggerate my figure. I have mastered that belts help define my shape…. they bring out the “hourglass figure” eh? …..supposedly!! So if its a trick that works; I will STICK to it!

Curvy women generally have big tummies – wearing a thin belt will only bring attention to the tummy area. This is my humble opinion…I may be wrong! In some instances – thin belts will be swallowed up by the rolls of our bellies ( yes we have those!) which is simply not a good look!  Then you have the awkward task of straightening the belt every 10 seconds which is sooooo annoying! The solution is to try and avoid thin belts altogether OR make sure that you wear really good shapewear that cinches in your stomach; and makes firm your tummy area- which will keep the thin belt in place.

Wide belts on the other hand are the best. They will cover a large portion of your pouch and will give you proper support. They will also emphasize the hourglass look- even on people who naturally do not have a defined waist area. This is why I have generally moved from thin belts to wider belts. So whenever I find a nice wide belt- I will invest in it because I know that I will make good use of it.  Besides belts will NEVER go out of fashion. They are a necessity in a wardrobe.

ALSO you don’t always have to wear a belt with the fastening at the front. Wearing it back to front gives an outfit a nice clean look. That clean look actually makes the waistline look slimmer.

Although belts have always been an excellent accessory – they are currently trending. They are being worn over jackets, jumpers, cardigans  and again – this helps shape curvy women and not make us look too bulky. I purchase belts from anywhere – from the Poundshop, local markets and on the high street.

Always ask yourself these questions if you are curvy: Does this outfit exaggerate me? How can I make it better? Please note- not all styling  requires you to wear a belt – just adapt to your outfit. Please find below examples where I have worn belts. I hope this helps. Feel free to leave any comments below.

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Thank you for this! I only wore belts to hold up pants for a better fit. I’m going to be on the look out for belts that’ll compliment the outfit as well. You look great!

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